AffinityEnable: Services


Ensure reapeatable sales success with impactful and current playbooks. Playbook creation and library maintenance is burden for some sales organizations. As you know, these training materials do not age well. Emerging and changing competitors, new buying criteria, and internal offering upgrades are only several factors that cause playbook to quickly become outdated. Augment your traning with eLearning tools to ensure efficient delivery and effective retention.

AffinityEnable will take over or simply augment your playbook creation or update efforts. Ensure that sales tools are in place for each stage of the sales cycle. Enforce and expedite efficient sales process. Provide important insights to overcome objections and share sales best practices. Whether you are starting anew or at a re-design point, AffinityEnable can ensure value-led offer introduction, quick opportunity qualification, deep differentiation, and expedited decision processes.


Going beyond the general message and current campaigns, the persona-specific approach ensures that key messages and key values are optimally articulated to each audience. For example, the optimal message for the CEO will necessarily be different than the optimal message for the procurement officer or the operations manager. In order to quickly build champions and advocates, the messages at each level of the decision-team must appropriate for that individual.

The various buyer personas your organization encounters require specific approaches and a personalized conversation. Each persona has different movations, goals, challenges and frustrations. Focusing on the pain points and benefits at a persona-specific level ensures highly efficient and impactful sales engagements. Consider expanding your current sales guidance to better enable effective and efficient conversations with each decision-maker and influencer.


Channels and partners are key to explosive brand awareness and vast increases in revenue generation. But, how do you replicate your best sales behavors and go-to-market magic outside your organization? The key is to achieve wide-spread channel and partner training on a regular bases. This training requires educational and insightful materials that capture your audiences' attention, builds confidence in their abilty to reporesent your offering, and creates excitement in the prospect of selling your brand.

AffinityEnable creates and designs the external-training materials as the conduit to replicate your sales insights while building confidence in new sales behaviors. Additionally, AffinityEnable expands your delivery stream by conducting regional sales training.


The sales landscape is constantly changing with new opportunities and increasing challenges. The current situation may call for developing fundamental sales skills within your team. Perhaps there is a specific opportunity or threat such as an underserviced customer base, a new use case for your product, or an emerging competitive threat. Of course, time is critical, and these responsive sales skills must be assured.

AffinityEnable assists in the development of updated sales awareness and new skills to neutralize the threat or exploit the opportunity. Perhaps additional competitive intelligence is needed. Maybe the response is thoroughly understood, but quality coaching needs to be quickly generated. If you need immediate assistance in creating and delivering time-sensitive responses or new sales behaviors, please consider accelerating your sales enablement in your period of need.

Examples of AffinityEnable packaged skill development coaching is INSIDE-PITCH, which transforms your inside champions into empowered promoters able to approach executive leaders. Or, INSTANT-AFFINITY, which develops valuable customer connection skills for your sales force whether that connection be for the moment, for the day, or for for their career.


Could you use a boost in your competitive analysis? The competitive landscape is always evolving with new and emerging threats Do you need help in gathering deeper competitor awareness? Perhaps you could use some assistance in formulating your competitive analysis.

Whether you need information and insight gather assistance or complete competitive analysis, AffinityEnable augments sales and marketing teams with increased competitive awareness. AffinityEnable can stream deeper competitve data into your competitive intelligence team, or provide complete analaysis including emerging competitor identification, customer outreach and messaging programs, their partner programs, and your own win/loss analysis. Metrics and analysis can include Porter's Five Forces, SWOT and TOWS analysis, and STEEP analysis. Finally, AffinityEnable organizes these insight for your strategic review and as more actionable sales directives.


Acccelerate your sales new hire ramp up time. Getting new hires off to a solid and confident start is critical to spooling up new sales talent. New hire education is key to introducing your sales culture and processes, developing repeatable messaging, instilling your best-practices, introducing available resources and ensuring necessary base-level skills.

Whether you need to help instill fundamental sales skills, education content design and development, or in-person sales coaching and role-playing ‐ AffinityEnable delivers for your new hire events.